Bible Mistakes

Bible Mistakes


On thing that christians seem to forget about when they are cherry picking scripture to suit the moment, is the very real literary game of redaction that occurred throughout the bible. Over the centuries, a group of scholars known as the Priestly group laboured intensly to insert thousands of changes to scripture. Not that they ever corrected the existing passages or sentences they thought to be wrong! They just simply added a conflicting idea or belief, and carried on with no thought to continuity. The story of Noah’s Ark is a great example. Can you find it? It’s glaringly obvious, and one of thousands. Of course cultures change, stories are told with a slant on the previous, watered down, misheard, and what should be recognized as myth anyway, result in a compilation of confusion and fragmentation that is a muddle of silliness. At least fairy tales, have a beginning, middle…

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