Own It

By Mistress-Babylon Consort

The ‘joy’, and I use that word somewhat loosely, of being on Facebook is the numerous times that any one of us is added to a group, unasked. Not a big deal really, as some are very good, but it is usually a Satanic theist (Rebellious Christians) group that I suddenly find myself in. They are good for a giggle of course. Smoke and mirrors and a lot of mindless ‘Hail Satan’s at the drop of a hat. Threads usually go something like this:

High Priestess of the Thin Air Becky: Our Father, the Dark Infernal Lord spoke to me last night!
Brandy: HailZZZ 666!!!
Evilspawn: wuz up
Elvis: Hey
Evilspawn: HAILZ Elvis wuz up

(repeat ad-nauseum)

This same scenerio repeated itself the other evening when I was added to yet another one of these unintelligiable cesspools. Though there were several hundred members, it was not much different from the above ‘conversation and as the latest addition, my inclusion was just padding the numbers. The owner of the group informed me that although anybody can add a person, he was the one that had to approve the membership. When asked how I got into the group, he said had no control over that. Excuse me? But you had just…nevermind. It went downhill from there.

What was brought to mind later, though, was the idea of personal responsibility, or lack of it, in a far bigger picture. I personally like being in control of my decisions despite the fact that they may not have always been the best ones. I own it. What’s so hard about that? Of course I don’t feel angry, or hard done by when added to any of these groups. There are bigger things to worry about. Groups such as these, and the individuals in them are more of a side show curiosity, as the very things they seem to hate they become, while remaining the same with a twist on the familiar stagnation and dogma they are trying to run from. Faith.

Good thing I am my own god.


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