By Joshua S. Poulin, Sect of the Horned God

There is something I wish to state, and it will be something that many of you will not agree with, but that is of no consequence to the truth of my words.

With me, what you see is what you get. My name on Facebook is my actual birth-name, the pictures of the little girl on my personal page are of my real daughter, Keagan; those of the Lady, my real wife of over 13 years, Lindsay; those of the dog, of my dog Zander; those of my travels are of a few places I have been to and seen with my own eyes. I am what I say I am, and have done that which I say I have done. I need no validation of these things, and no approval for my Path in life.
I have been a Walker of my own LHP for almost 20 years now, and before joining the Sect, had no group affiliations since 1998, when I left the CoS. In all ways and fashions, much of the LHP community makes me sick. I repeat this to make the point….it makes me sick. It has become vile and weak. Most are charlatans, fakes, phonies with no balls or legs to stand on. I have found there to be a disturbing number of individuals who think hiding behind made-up names (albeit I understand there are a few situations where they are necessary), sock accounts on the ‘net, dancing around (twirly, twirly, twirly), and theorizing about mysticism and the unseen and unknown, and only being critical of the Children of Abraham (as opposed to ALL beliefs that are considered “concrete”) is acceptable to someone who seeks true knowledge, true power. Well, my friends, you may as well play some old school D+D, because these “ways” are about as “real” as a role-playing game.
I am tired of the phoney bullshit that is rife throughout philosophy and “religion”. I am not perfect, by far, but I will tell you this: I strive daily to put into action my wishes, my desires, my Will. I manifest these things not in a subtle, off-handed, or obscure fashion. They are real and quantifiable.
All this cock-mockery aside, I ask a simple question of you, my brothers and sisters, my compatriots of Truth: Who are you? What are you?
The Sect of the Horned God has great potential within it, but we will only realize this potential at a cost (as anything, anything worth shit in life comes at a cost). This cost is different for each of us, yet the same in tone… is the cost of Truth.
We have NO room to criticize anyone for anything, unless we are BETTER than them. I cannot, for example, claim superiority to the X-tians if my behavior is just as incorrect. That would be hypocrisy. So BE better! I challenge all of you…. what is it that you are doing right here, right now, to better yourself? How are your ideals better than those you criticize? Examine yourself with a laser focus, without the stumbling blocks that ego and false pride can put in front of you. Be as hard, if not harder, on yourself as you are on others. This IS the only way. You are not inherently better than anyone else unless you prove it. Be REAL, or fall into the same trap of hypocrisy that you criticize and hate.
Take this as you will….an admonishment, a warning, a gentle reminder from one who does truly care for the future of all who read this…..but think on it. These are somewhat harsh words, but they may be required for some to wake up and take a hard look at themselves. Know this, they are from a stance of genuine fidelity to this group, and to all Walkers of their own LHPs.
Now, I understand that these words can seem hypocritical, and in some fashion, are. I do not live up to my own daily potential every single day. I have my failings, my weaknesses. The key is that I do everything I can to improve them, and I wish to see equal vigor in the pursuits that others undertake. All of you can become more…..I see your vast potential. Together, or as individuals, we can set a new standard of being. Do you have the Will to make it so?

One last thing….(in my best cartman) ….I love you guys…but ultimately, YOU have the onus of validation for what you claim to be. Something to ponder.


One Response to “Masks”

  1. Jasmine L G Says:

    Wonderful! A very inspiring and thought provoking post. So many profound moments and debates in the Sect, proud to be a member!

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