By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God

Question A: Are Modern Satanists just atheistic posers who like creepy shit?
Answer A: No.
Question B: Are Satan Theists nothing more than the black sheep of the right-hand path?
Answer A: Yes.
The Modern Satanist is an individual that understands that ritual and spell-casting are cathartic activities, and all mythological personnages are metaphorical. What these beings symbolize speaks to the subconscience, which is a larger part of the mind than the conscience. On the other hand the theist, be it Christian or Satanic, accepts the literal existence of their gods. They “believe” that these entities reside in some supernatural realm and that their personal deities are their masters. Here is one of the major problems with the Satan theist. A true person on the left-hand path bows down to no one. He is antinomian, an iconoclast and the supreme indidvidualist. By willingly calling anyone, be it real or imagined, “Master” makes one part of the flock. A sheep. Like the Christian, the Satan theist joyfully follows the “clank” of the bellwether’s bell, hopefully to salvation, but more often than not to the slaughter (metaphorically speaking. . . most of the time).
But what I really wonder is how many of them, the faithful, actually believe in Satan? I think very few. Many have listened to too much Death/Black Metal and are now on a rebellious kick to spite their Christian parents. But the parents need not worry, because most will have their fat asses back in the pews, begging the “Good Lord” to forgive them for going astray. Yet, some of them really believe, and they share that same ability with their Christian kin that the Modern Satanists lacks: The ability to ignore their doubts! I have greater respect for the Christians, though. They have a 2,000 year old tradition and many of them have been indoctrinated into the faith from the time of birth. Most Satan theists, on the other hand, were not raised as such. To try to give their faith some legitimacy they claim it predates the Bible. But in reality they take bits of Summerian mythology and add in a whole lot of nonsense they make up, then call it truth! They believe their own bullshit!
Come now, you theists, you D&D geeks that can’t seem to get out of that fantasy realm. Don’t you hear that voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re being really fucking silly? Maybe in your mind that voice is nothing more than a gentle whisper, but in my head it would be a deep-voiced sonofabitch with a bullhorn!
But you may ask, “Why would an atheist call themself a Satanist? Why even bother with the label?” Because we love myth! We understand its meaning! And Satan best represents our inherent nature. Myth and mythological beings should be looked at as metaphorical guides leading one to spiritual wholeness, not as living entities! By seeing myth as history, and mythological beings as real, the meaning of these wonderous allegorical tales is lost. They become misconstrued in the psyche. The believer thinks he’s been touched by the deity, but in truth it’s just a misinterpretation of the language of myth.
I will conclude with the words of the late Joseph Campbell: “To take myth literally would be like going into a restaurant, seeing beef-steak on the menu and you begin to eat the menu.”



  1. While i agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment here, I find the casual jabs at DnD and Metal a little abrasive. There’s nothing wrong with escapism as long as fantasy and reality remain firmly separated. DnD in particular can be a fantastic thought experiment. The rational, atheist mind, when considering a universe where theism DOES hold merit, is able to exercise new modes of thought, and as such develop. Obviously if someone takes these deities out of the game, they’re harboring some serious delusions, but that doesn’t diminish the utility of the fantasy.

  2. Bookwyrm Says:

    Why do you feel like you need to shit on other people’s beliefs to validate your own? either atheists have it right or you don’t. criticizing theistic beliefs to make your self sound smarter is such a pathetic way to get your point across and dragging d&d fans into your ravings is just going to far! didn’t they suffer enough in high school? humans have always been spiritual beings and will always be spiritual beings. whether you worship a god, gods or your self as a god it doesn’t matter, what gives anyone the right to sit there and make up assumptions as to why certain people have certain beliefs regarding where they fit in this universe. this entire blog was based on judgement and speculation. Are Modern Satanists just atheistic posers who like creepy shit? you tell me! why can’t you just be happy being atheists? one minute your praising the value of the myths and then with the same hand you’re smearing shit all over the realm of human fantasy. The horned lord is real. how dare you use his name to promote your “I’m to clever to believe in anything..” ego trip rantings. you are no better than those fanatical Christians with their twisted contradictions. demons are real and if you took the time to actually learn how to use magic you’de actually find that religion isn’t just about faith. it can be something you can see and feel. there are millions of us who interact with these beautiful, misunderstood beings everyday and wish that people like you would just pull your heads out of your arses and stop making us out to be geeks who have let our imaginations get the better of us….actually scratch that, we are geeks who let our imaginations get the better of us but at least our gods actually show up when we pray to them. BTW S.Connoly’s: “Complete book of Demonolatry.” is a book you should read before you start making uneducated assumptions about demons and the people who work with them as PARTNERS (we don’t grovel in servitude). fucking atheists, i try so hard to respect your beliefs but like Christians you are your own worst enemies and don’t do your self any favors with your narcissism.

    • Demons are real? Sure. And as for your suggested reading: Done. We own a copy. Regardless, you missed the point of the entire essay. Mythology and the accompanied spiritualism attached to it is embedded in our culture and norms. Many Atheists see it as an important allegorical component in their everyday lives without feeling the need to actually believe the god/gods existed. Things like D&D are fine, as stated in the previous reply, but at the end of the game, realize it’s fantasy.

  3. Bookwyrm Says:

    apologies for such an aggressive post. ( i was quite drunk when i wrote it- though that doesn’t excuse my lack of manners.)
    Lately on internet forums i continue to stumble across people who are not only hanging shit on other peoples beliefs but then also phys-co analyzing the people who believe in them without having a single clue as to who these people are and where their beliefs stem from. these attacks are often aimed at people who have an extremely strong connection with the realm of human fantasy. some people value human imagination and some don’t which is cool but i hate how quickly people judge what is real and what isn’t. I’ve been studying imagination/fantasy all my life from a very objective point of view and have made some amazing discoveries which suggest a very strong connection between reality and “make believe”. I have also seen a lot of strange things which i then couldn’t help but loose alot of respect for people who strut around saying “that’s not real….oh that’s not real either…”. My thoughts are that the world of human fantasy wasn’t just created for geeks entertainment. Carl jung spoke of a collective unconsciousness shared between every human and by exploring the archetypes and stories which man kind manifests we could actually learn more about ourselves (not just on a spiritual level) but also on a holistic level all together. again i’m sorry for attacking you (kinda hypocritical of me for attacking you for your own beliefs) i’m just very defensive of fantasy lovers (especially d&d fans) and at the end of the game if they want to incorporate their game play into their spiritual beliefs that doesn’t make what they believe in any less tangible then what any one else believes in. I also understand that the times i have also seen “physical” proof of paranormal (i hate using that word) stuff that it could also be a result of hallucinations or what not. i just ask that the next time somebody brings a belief before you that you don’t accept, don’t be so quick to dismiss it or toss it int the fantasy bin.

  4. While I appreciate the apology none is really necessary as I was able to decipher the ‘passion and meaning’ behind your words. On many points we agree. Speaking for myself, as a hard core atheist, I am also very aware of the value, (as you brought up) of the Jungian idea of the collective conscious through mythology, and to even further push it, the realm of fantasy. Suspending disbelief is a much needed break. I see it as a place to go which not only relieves the harshness of this world but one that allows us to sort out emotionally and responsibly that which if enacted ‘in real life’ might get us in trouble.
    Don’t be a stranger!

  5. Bookwyrm Says:

    I’ve saved this page to my “favorites”. and i think i’ll constantly return to read your blogs as now i am completely intrigued by you and your beliefs. growing up I’ve always been able to understand why a pagan believes in what they believe, why a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Theistic Satanist, Scientologist or even a Christian (how ever twisted) believes in the things they do….I’ve never understood the Atheist let alone the Atheist that seems to have such a beautiful connection with the world of demons and ritual. yet when i watch Anton LeVey and his lovely children on youtube so calmly discuss their beliefs (quite often while a nasty redneck is chastising them) I’m reminded of how elegantly you received my drunken (red necky) attacks and how calmly you still strived to provide infomation though i was coming accross as a dick. Anton Levey always humbled me and now you do the same. Thankyou for your welcome, i look forward to learning more from you. Whether he is real or not, you do the Horned Lord proud! XO

    • What kind words, thank you! The philosophy of the Sect in general, is not to ‘push’ people away. We are, after all, a legal Atheistic educational foundation and our mission statement includes ‘science, philosophy and mythology. To that purpose, while you and I may differ in terms of belief or non belief, the act of ritual or fantasy is a cathartic place to be,and one we both engage in. Your passion for not condoning the societal view and abuse the ‘underdog’ was well understood and appreciated and the angle of it intriguing and certainly well placed! I am glad you are here!

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