Degrees of the Sect of the Horned God

Greek Goddess, Psyche

By Thomas LeRoy, founder of the Sect of the Horned God.

It has become blatantly obvious to me that most people that claim to be on the “left-hand path” have no idea where that path is leading. They’ve ignored the fact that it’s a spiritual path, not in any supernatural sense, but one of self-awareness. This may sound like “New-Age” hippie jargon, but the difference between us and the bongo-playing, tied-dyed sheep is we understand it’s all psychological and to achieve “self-deification” (becoming your own god) entails the power of one’s own personal Will. Not from some “celestial blessings”.
What is the basic difference between the right-hand and left hand paths? On the right-hand path one’s goal is to follow the “light” to a great cosmic collective were all idividuality is destroyed and you become “One” with either God, the Goddess, Nature, or whatever. A person with a strong independent nature and a mind of their own should find this repugnant.
Now, the Left-hand path is the path of the antinomian, the individualist, the skeptic. At its core it is about creating your own “light”, and retaining one’s own idividuality through the shear power of the Will, thus resulting in self-deification.
We in the Sect of the Horned God would like to help our fellow travelers on the LHP to achieve this goal. But to do so may entail going deep into one’s own psyche.
Welcome to the Path!

sigil A

First level: NEOPHYTE
Everyone enters the Sect as a Neophyte. This sigil represents the human being as beast. The objective of this organization is to help the individual to go beyond the stage of the simple animal and to reach “self-deification”. This is where the Sect of the Horned God differs with the Church of Satan. Just becase you declare yourself a “god” does not make you one. This is the reason stagnation is so rampant amongst those who call themselves “LaVeyan”. They step onto the left-hand path and just stand there, beating their chests, declaring their divinity, feeling no need for progression.
It is not mandatory that one goes beyond this level, but if one chooses to move up, send an email:, or message one of the admins of the Sect on Facebook.


The second level, Acolyte, is represented by the sigil of the horned beast and the word “Pan” written in ancient Greek. Pan is not only the name of a god, but also the Greek word for “all”. At this stage one has denied “faith” thus leaving one open for “all wisdom and knowledge”. This does not mean that you are suddenly endowed with all the “knowledge of the universe”, it simply means the potential for learning is limitless now that the retarding influence of faith has been removed.


The Cenobite sigil is represent by the horned beast and the inverted penticle. The pentacle, with the point downward, reflects the grounding one must have to reach self-deification. With the power of personal will, ultimate knowledge of one’s own individuality can be manifested at this level.

faun sigil

This is the sigil of the Hyperborean, the highest level of the Sect of the Horned God. It is represented with the horned beast, the word “Pan”, and the pentacle. This symbolizes that one has reached a level that brings together a synthesis of the human as beast, the denier of faith and true self-awareness of the individual, thus leading to self-deification.


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