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My Left-Hand Path

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By Mistress-Babylon Consort

If you have ever thought the Left-Hand Path would be easy, think again. The ever changing winds of acquired knowledge require a life time of nurturing new found ideas as well as continuing introspection. Why? Because once the slave mentality of ‘faith and worship’ is cast aside, so is the disabling doubt in your ability to seek the answers for yourself. Curiosity becomes insatiable. It’s an honest approach to living that smashes unmercifully the delusions of grandeur that lay under the guise of piety. It requires responsible and moral behavior first to the self. There is no God. There is no Dark Lord. The Goddess is a lovely myth.

But what is the Left-Hand Path? The answer depends on who you ask and is secular to none. Among them are Atheists, Agnostics, Satanists, Deists, Setians, Luciferians, and Pagans to name but a few. I personally define it as reclaiming the mind of your birth, a mind that has been obscured by faith. It’s a brutal self-honesty, and an ‘eyes wide open’ view of the world and your place in it. It’s a world without worship, but one that can encompass spirituality. It holds tight the hand of lust and carnality, acknowledging and reveling in pleasures of the flesh. It is a path we walk alone in the company of fellow-travelers, and is a comfort in the dark-side of human nature which is driven by the light of life that resides in all of us.

But how did we end up on this ‘god forsaken’ path? Whether by chance, blunder or upbringing, something fostered the dark flame and trying to deny it is like trying to change your skin color. The strength of our skeptical and questioning nature leaves little room for self-deceit. Many people I have spoken with, when asked about their first cognizant memory of walking a LHP, generally recall the moment from childhood. I believe what they mean is that through their eyes now as adults, there is recognition of the feelings, differences and attitude that separated them from the rest.

Childhood is often the idyllic days in the innocence of curiosity, but natural maturation within the Left-Hand Path has its own version of teenage angst, like anything else. The seed and germination of the LHP can inspire a frenzy of high-spirited lust that is initially motivated by passion rather than rational thought: anger at ‘god’, a sense of elevated entitlement, dark ‘posturing’ and soap-box pontificating. As general as this may sound, it’s a common introductory war cry, so to speak, and certainly necessary as much as it is annoying, in the propelling of new and fresh ideas forward. We’ve all been there, but most move on. What’s most unfortunate, though, are those who chose to stay in the age of angst, rehashing and reiterating the same rhetoric, standing old among a new crowd, forever a follower. To stay is a death sentence.

I find the most significant and singular motivating fact that defines life on the LHP, is the engaging aspect of self-responsibility. In many ways it comes as a relief. As droll as it may sound, it is the prized pinnacle of self-awareness and is all encompassing into even the minutest detail of life and decision making. Cause and effect. It is the motivation behind learning, the brick and mortar of critical thinking. It separates pity from empathy, and spares the innocent. There are simply no more excuses consisting of ‘what if’ or ‘if only’. It allows my own decision making, decisions which at one time were carelessly left for the ‘gods to handle’. The long past days of watching, waiting and grasping at thin air for answers that were little more than the ebb and flow of life, with or without me, are over.

I like that.


Welcome to the new era

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(Modern) Satanism, as many of the readers should know started with Anton Szandor Lavey in 1966 . When time progressed CoS identified itself as a center for and to everyone interested in the philosophy. During it’s infant years (talking 1966-1975 before the parting of Michael Aquino) it managed to refine various of its points and publish important documents that have set the whole thing in motion. The CoS became a bastion of an anti-religious movement imbedded with a focus on carnal nature, responsibility stemming from the self (instead of externalization) and a good dose of satire in the form of rituals (like “La messe noire”) whom were nothing more then simple psychodrama.

Through different writings, articles and persons the whole thing began to evolve. What once started as a light-hearted rebellion with an important message, written on a raised middle-finger towards various social/religious fallacies and indoctrination, became a full blown a philosophy with thousands of people acknowledging, recognizing and living up to a fact that was known but suppressed. The church (of Satan) evolved towards a main central entity and organizational think tank to dot the i’s in an evolving society who hadn’t really come to terms with the message yet.

Years passed and the CoS only retained a position of informational center to the new generation of people who were introduced to the term. With the coming of the digital age, and death of the founder, it started to lose its once central position and became more of an organization of heritage in honor to Anton Laveys legacy. The conveyed message was, and has always been, memetic in nature. The church itself, already from its inception, was doomed to sink as it only floated on the nonacceptance of the memetic message by the greater part of society. Satanism, as it was originally intended, was (and is) secular and individual oriented. An institute like CoS was but the beginning and needed for the inception of the meme.

We are now 5 decades later, the trend has been set and the meme is ever growing. No longer is the CoS needed as an entity for provocative, controversial and intellectual debate. Satanism and its future is now in hands of those few voices who understood the meme and went the own way, as it was intended to be seeing it’s an individual philosophy with an easy understandable meme; that can be defined as “anarchistic”,”life-affirming”, “individual”, “counter cultural” and “inquiring”. The idea of the church of Satan becoming obsolete was made painfully obvious (to them) by an announcement from Boyd Rice (whom was favored by ASL to be his successor, but declined) in which he made this painful fact clear.

The new era indeed is here. I’m inclined to say this is the first era of Satanism. The memetic message is being spread through action and manifestation of the worldview that was incepted during that early period. The new generation is up to the individuals who manifest the spirit and spread the meme. The sect of the horned god is but a nexus where the like-minded can come together, embodies and manifests this spirit while providing fertile grounds for both the more experienced as the inexperienced to grow and progress, to embody the meme and a means towards self-gratification. The future generation and voices who shape and uphold the dark flame is what Satanism is all about.

To this I say:

Hail SIN
Hail 600
Hail the Sect
Hail thyself.


The crazies

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In the theme of this week (woman week) a look is taken at a not so bright side of femininity.
In line with bigotry shown in the case of Mother Teresa, there are many cases where the idea of femininity began to run rampant. Whereas any sane woman can separate fact from fiction and is aware of her rights, skills and cunning some take on a quite unhealthy approach when considering inequality between genders. First and foremost, it has to be said there is a certain inequality between males and females. It should also be noted that the inequality hasn’t so much to do with a gender conspiring against the other but moreover by difference in natural given skills and physic. This in contradiction what Feminism tries to dictate under the guise of wanting (an illusionary) gender equality and combat against gender oppression.

Taking a critical look at Feminism will easily reveal its more sinister and unreasonable agenda. While many women, in their own right, find a companion in the term and a something that exposes/addresses certain issues concerning genders it more than often is mistaking for a reasonable current that is and has already taken place within modern society. Feminism, of how it is viewed by an average person, concerns strong women who made a real change. Those women who made it happen you, as a woman, could have an equal voice concerning politics and elections. And this person is partially right.

Feminism in its true form, however, became a toxic meme. It now represents a movement of bigotry, an extremist movement who, by misinformation, tries to persuade illusory inequalities between genders. Yet it should be important to note it still acts as an important entity adressing wrongs and keeps debate alive. After all, while in the West there’s a certain equilibrium reached many other countries are still stuck with religious prejudices against women. Feminism and its true form doesn’t deal with equality and fighting gender related prejudices anymore. It’s being hijacked by extremist people who, on closer inspection, still think society is being run in the exact same way as it were 60-70 years ago. These people also showed having a lack of purpose or, in one way or another, have a low self-esteem by their own lack of skill or simply not being able to (or wanting the easy way to) compete in a social system where experience, skill and personality are the biggest assets to succeed. Instead of recognizing the own short-comings it is then opted to view society as male-oriented/centered which discriminates the other gender.
Reality, however, is different. Inequality is not because of a conspiracy but moreover has natural reasons which has to do with competitiveness and physic. Let’s be honest, when thinking of nurses the female gender is the first to give it a face despite the existence of male nurses. When thinking about construction workers it traditionally is an image of a big sweaty man doing the labor despite the existence of female workers. Those images have a reason and are explained in the given hyperlink of Feminism.

The movement now consists a ton of misinformed bigots who have an outdated view on society or simply use men as scapegoats for their own ignor. Let’s be fair, any man loves a strong well-worded woman as skill and personality is applauded in present day society. The archetype of a warrior woman is not one battling against another gender, it is one embodying the constant competition and mastering of skills to attain the position she wants to have. The unbound femininity is the same as masculinity unbound. A striving to become better and transgress the own limitations on own terms without relying on others to do it for you.

These bigots do not embody the warrior woman. They twist the image, by their unthoughtful, violent actions, of the strong independent competitive woman towards a lazy aggressive monster that is to be shunned and frowned upon.

Mother Teresa Not So Saintly?

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Submitted by Mistress-Babylon,Sect of the Horned God

I’m astounded it took a ‘study’ to find Mother Teresa’s spin on the fairy tale of altruism was little more than a then trade-in on a pair of angel wings. ~MB

(Yahoo News)
A new study claims the beloved nun might not have been as helpful to the poor as she could have been.
It’s highly likely that one day, the Catholic Church will officially recognize Mother Teresa as a saint, a position she’s held in the popular imagination for years. A new study in the religious studies journal Religieuses, however, says that the late Mother Teresa’s reputation is mostly hype — a result of a church declining in popularity trying to boost its image.
Mother Teresa’s biggest supposed sin? According to the Times of India, it was “her dubious way of caring for the sick by glorifying their suffering instead of relieving it.”
How did researchers reach this controversial conclusion? The team of Canadian researchers studied nearly 300 documents, and discovered reports of poor hygiene standards and a shortage of medicine, supplies, and care in Mother Teresa’s 517 “homes for the dying” — although not for lack of cash. According to the report, her organization, the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, received hundreds of millions of dollars in donations.
Of course, this isn’t news to fans of Christopher Hitchens, the erudite atheist who made it his mission to battle religious dogma before he died in 2011. He even wrote a book on the topic called, crudely enough, The Missionary Position:
“Bear in mind that Mother Teresa’s global income is more than enough to outfit several first-class clinics in Bengal. The decision not to do so, and indeed to run instead a haphazard and cranky institution which would expose itself to litigation and protest were it run by any branch of the medical profession, is a deliberate one. The point is not the honest relief of suffering but the promulgation of a cult based on death and suffering and subjugation.” [Salon]
The contentious report also says the Vatican rushed Teresa’s sainthood push for publicity’s sake, noting that Catholic officials fast-tracked her beatification and ignored evidence that refuted her “miracles.”
Despite the study’s inflammatory findings, researchers claim they aren’t out to smear Mother Teresa, writing that it is “likely that she has inspired many humanitarian workers whose actions have truly relieved the suffering of the destitute and addressed the causes of poverty and isolation.” They did say, however, that “the media coverage of Mother Teresa could have been a little more rigorous.”
In the end, this study will probably do very little to hurt Mother Teresa’s legacy. She was so popular that nearly 250,000 people flocked to Rome in 2003 to attend her beatification. For her biographer Navin Chawla and countless others, her belief that “each individual was a divine manifestation, each to be comforted, held, rescued, fed and not allowed to die alone” was enough to make up for any other faults.

The feminine unbound

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When talking religion and philosophy there are various dichotomies and questions raised on a variety of subjects. One of the biggest dichotomies encountered in religion is the one of man/woman wherein the latter always seems to end up in an unfavorable position. It can be questioned how this is possible and what the possible reasons might be.

During studies indulging into various religions and beliefs it became apparent that underneath the downward looking attitude religion has concerning women, a certain holiness of the feminine is hidden. Exploring the German Mythology it can be noticed women can take on a leading role and are to be seen as equal to men. A while ago, on a different site, a weblog was written wherein the German goddess Freya was compared to Baphomet. It can be concluded that while women may (seemingly) take on a “less” important position in society at first glance, their main importance is more subtle and leading.
The mystique and subtlety is often diabolized by traditional religion as the woman, through history, got into a position that did away with divine interventions and miracles. When taking a look at history, and leaving out the masochism, it can be clearly seen women were the dominant gender as care givers. It can be easily assumed/concluded this comes with a certain natural expertise and worldview wherein the traditional god, as in Abrahamic religions, starts holding less power then dogma wants to ascribe.

Modern evidence suggest that the earliest known Shamans were pre-dominantly female. This isn’t so much as a surprise when keeping in mind that during prehistoric times women were the gatherers and developed a more profound knowledge on medicinal plants in comparison with men.

All in all it can be concluded that while traditional religion looks down at women they are in fact equal to men and retain an important position through history which isn’t very liked by a male-dominated worldview (who again is influenced by these traditional religions). In Satanism the question can be asked what the position of women is. It can be answered that both man and woman are equal to each other. The sole difference is the method of persuasion where woman can take on an emotive approach whereas men will be more straightforward and open.

This update has been written as a thematic attempt for people to think and discuss various themes that are of importance in a societal worldview. I’ll introduce this weeks theme as “Week of the women” wherein various subjects about women can be discussed. Subjects can vary from small blogs of highlighting important women who made their mark in history or society towards discussing the pro and cons of Feminism or, as I did, the position of women in religious context and its reasoning.

A Woman With a Real Free Will

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By Lilith Immaculate, Sect of the Horned God

A Woman With a Real Free Will.

“Free Will”, it’s always been the subject of controversy and discussion. It started a very long time ago with the Bible and the contradictory idea that “god” could give “his” creations a “free will” to do what they wanted when they wanted, but then saddled humankind with a long list of rules to control this “free will”.

In the last centuries, women have been used to exemplify humiliation, inhibited behavior,  submissiveness and weakness. But now, thanks to our intelligence and the struggles that we as women have gone through, we are finally in a position to have our true “free will”.

Not a “free will” that was bestowed upon us by some unseen creator, but a “free will” that we have earned through sweat, blood, hard work and tears;  we have fought for it, and cried out in righteous fury when it was denied us. Now is when we can, and must say “Hail to myself, no lord shall stand above me!”.

It is thanks to ourselves that we are now in a position to show that we are NOT weak, we will NO longer be trampled upon;  we have raised ourselves out of the mud that xtian beliefs have so long trampled us into, and we will no longer allow those beliefs to oppress us or humiliate us!

Even though we’re surrounded by the media, government and the law oppress us most of the time, Who can go against what we feel?, Who can control our thoughts?… No one! We are the ones who design our own path! not with the “help” of some called “holy spirit” We are our own god! Hail Thyself!

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