A Woman With a Real Free Will

By Lilith Immaculate, Sect of the Horned God

A Woman With a Real Free Will.

“Free Will”, it’s always been the subject of controversy and discussion. It started a very long time ago with the Bible and the contradictory idea that “god” could give “his” creations a “free will” to do what they wanted when they wanted, but then saddled humankind with a long list of rules to control this “free will”.

In the last centuries, women have been used to exemplify humiliation, inhibited behavior,  submissiveness and weakness. But now, thanks to our intelligence and the struggles that we as women have gone through, we are finally in a position to have our true “free will”.

Not a “free will” that was bestowed upon us by some unseen creator, but a “free will” that we have earned through sweat, blood, hard work and tears;  we have fought for it, and cried out in righteous fury when it was denied us. Now is when we can, and must say “Hail to myself, no lord shall stand above me!”.

It is thanks to ourselves that we are now in a position to show that we are NOT weak, we will NO longer be trampled upon;  we have raised ourselves out of the mud that xtian beliefs have so long trampled us into, and we will no longer allow those beliefs to oppress us or humiliate us!

Even though we’re surrounded by the media, government and the law oppress us most of the time, Who can go against what we feel?, Who can control our thoughts?… No one! We are the ones who design our own path! not with the “help” of some called “holy spirit” We are our own god! Hail Thyself!


2 Responses to “A Woman With a Real Free Will”

  1. Jen Tile Says:

    Nice post! There is nothing more intriguing than a woman who takes no shit from a man. Empower yourself!

    • Female empowerment has nothing to do with not taking ‘shit’ from a male (or female for that matter). Women on the Left Hand Path, Satanic or otherwise recognize their strengths and weaknesses and work to empower themselves, for themselves, not in ‘to spite’, or ‘in spite of’. It’s a positive progression, rather than a war-cry and a rally in a movement where they became what they hated.
      ~ Mistress-Babylon Consort

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