The feminine unbound

When talking religion and philosophy there are various dichotomies and questions raised on a variety of subjects. One of the biggest dichotomies encountered in religion is the one of man/woman wherein the latter always seems to end up in an unfavorable position. It can be questioned how this is possible and what the possible reasons might be.

During studies indulging into various religions and beliefs it became apparent that underneath the downward looking attitude religion has concerning women, a certain holiness of the feminine is hidden. Exploring the German Mythology it can be noticed women can take on a leading role and are to be seen as equal to men. A while ago, on a different site, a weblog was written wherein the German goddess Freya was compared to Baphomet. It can be concluded that while women may (seemingly) take on a “less” important position in society at first glance, their main importance is more subtle and leading.
The mystique and subtlety is often diabolized by traditional religion as the woman, through history, got into a position that did away with divine interventions and miracles. When taking a look at history, and leaving out the masochism, it can be clearly seen women were the dominant gender as care givers. It can be easily assumed/concluded this comes with a certain natural expertise and worldview wherein the traditional god, as in Abrahamic religions, starts holding less power then dogma wants to ascribe.

Modern evidence suggest that the earliest known Shamans were pre-dominantly female. This isn’t so much as a surprise when keeping in mind that during prehistoric times women were the gatherers and developed a more profound knowledge on medicinal plants in comparison with men.

All in all it can be concluded that while traditional religion looks down at women they are in fact equal to men and retain an important position through history which isn’t very liked by a male-dominated worldview (who again is influenced by these traditional religions). In Satanism the question can be asked what the position of women is. It can be answered that both man and woman are equal to each other. The sole difference is the method of persuasion where woman can take on an emotive approach whereas men will be more straightforward and open.

This update has been written as a thematic attempt for people to think and discuss various themes that are of importance in a societal worldview. I’ll introduce this weeks theme as “Week of the women” wherein various subjects about women can be discussed. Subjects can vary from small blogs of highlighting important women who made their mark in history or society towards discussing the pro and cons of Feminism or, as I did, the position of women in religious context and its reasoning.


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