The crazies

In the theme of this week (woman week) a look is taken at a not so bright side of femininity.
In line with bigotry shown in the case of Mother Teresa, there are many cases where the idea of femininity began to run rampant. Whereas any sane woman can separate fact from fiction and is aware of her rights, skills and cunning some take on a quite unhealthy approach when considering inequality between genders. First and foremost, it has to be said there is a certain inequality between males and females. It should also be noted that the inequality hasn’t so much to do with a gender conspiring against the other but moreover by difference in natural given skills and physic. This in contradiction what Feminism tries to dictate under the guise of wanting (an illusionary) gender equality and combat against gender oppression.

Taking a critical look at Feminism will easily reveal its more sinister and unreasonable agenda. While many women, in their own right, find a companion in the term and a something that exposes/addresses certain issues concerning genders it more than often is mistaking for a reasonable current that is and has already taken place within modern society. Feminism, of how it is viewed by an average person, concerns strong women who made a real change. Those women who made it happen you, as a woman, could have an equal voice concerning politics and elections. And this person is partially right.

Feminism in its true form, however, became a toxic meme. It now represents a movement of bigotry, an extremist movement who, by misinformation, tries to persuade illusory inequalities between genders. Yet it should be important to note it still acts as an important entity adressing wrongs and keeps debate alive. After all, while in the West there’s a certain equilibrium reached many other countries are still stuck with religious prejudices against women. Feminism and its true form doesn’t deal with equality and fighting gender related prejudices anymore. It’s being hijacked by extremist people who, on closer inspection, still think society is being run in the exact same way as it were 60-70 years ago. These people also showed having a lack of purpose or, in one way or another, have a low self-esteem by their own lack of skill or simply not being able to (or wanting the easy way to) compete in a social system where experience, skill and personality are the biggest assets to succeed. Instead of recognizing the own short-comings it is then opted to view society as male-oriented/centered which discriminates the other gender.
Reality, however, is different. Inequality is not because of a conspiracy but moreover has natural reasons which has to do with competitiveness and physic. Let’s be honest, when thinking of nurses the female gender is the first to give it a face despite the existence of male nurses. When thinking about construction workers it traditionally is an image of a big sweaty man doing the labor despite the existence of female workers. Those images have a reason and are explained in the given hyperlink of Feminism.

The movement now consists a ton of misinformed bigots who have an outdated view on society or simply use men as scapegoats for their own ignor. Let’s be fair, any man loves a strong well-worded woman as skill and personality is applauded in present day society. The archetype of a warrior woman is not one battling against another gender, it is one embodying the constant competition and mastering of skills to attain the position she wants to have. The unbound femininity is the same as masculinity unbound. A striving to become better and transgress the own limitations on own terms without relying on others to do it for you.

These bigots do not embody the warrior woman. They twist the image, by their unthoughtful, violent actions, of the strong independent competitive woman towards a lazy aggressive monster that is to be shunned and frowned upon.


3 Responses to “The crazies”

  1. Here’s the link to a video I did on the issue of Feminisim. It’s not a point in time I remember with any great fondness, though I have to admit it taught me a hell of a lot about human nature. At it’s core, like many movements, it was about ‘power’, rotting itself from the inside out while mindlessly stomping on those it said to ’empower. Not a new concept, I realize.

    In my opinion, the present day ragged war cry from those who claim to be feminists remains to be little more than simpering racist drivel by those with an exaggerated sense of entitlement.

    ~Mistress Babylon
    Sect of the Horned God

  2. femalesatan Says:

    My take one the whole Feminism thing

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