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performance art

By Mistress Babylon Consort, Sect of the Horned God


‘.. It preserves what is right for destruction;  it defends those who have been condemned and disinherited by life; and by the abundance of  the failures of all kinds which keeps it alive, it gives life itself a gloomy and questionable aspect.’ Nietzsche –The Anti-Christ

An important and all encompassing part of the Sect philosophy revolves around self-responsibility, independence, and living life to the fullest. They all go hand in hand. The destructive nature of pity, (not to be confused with empathy or sympathy) whether given or taken, opposes this.   In its entirety, Nietzsche’s essay on it has always resonated on a primal or instinctive level as it is brings to light its contrary nature against ‘wanting to live’, as well as its aversion to accepting the laws of nature when our time is done. While he quite correctly states ‘Christianity is called the religion of pity’, compatible with this, and in line with any faith based theology, it can also be viewed as a slave/master relationship. The master of pity insists on supplication, lives for it and from it. Each breath depends on its continued existence through the guilt of the slave by holding them hostage through emotional and physical submission. Christianity, among many, can indeed be paralleled to the very physiology of Pity as both demand the same irrational expectations of those it holds in its clutches.  Like any faith, it demands full submission.

Many of know someone who makes a vocation out of reaping pity: the hypochondriac, the professional victim or complainer, the perpetual ‘down and outer’, and those, of course, on their eternal ‘death-bed’.  I once knew a woman who I quit asking ‘how she was doing’.  The result was a hang dog-look mixed with anger and impatient posturing with my refusal to contribute to that which gave her life. But if I refuse to feed faith in any of its insidious guises, why would I contribute to the selfish life-line of any self-defined master willingly.

The very essence of the Sect is to foster the ‘black flame’, to encourage responsible independence. It is also to encourage critical thinking in recognizing that though the essence and mask of faith comes in many forms, its stratification always remains the same: Master and slave.

Pity is contrary in its distinction of ‘will to live’. Those who choose to live it as ‘way of life’, have already died.


The LHP Island

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aghori 1

~Mistress Babylon Consort, Sect of the Horned God

There are times I wish I could sink the islands that compromise the LHP universe. The logical thing to do would be to fix the holes in at least one of the battered boats that line the dock, and sail from shore to shore. I’d even be willing to help repair a few, but why bother. Though that would be one step toward ‘bigger change’, you still can’t lead a horse to the pond if they are happy slurping from their ‘near autonomous’ trough. What gets me thinking like this? What’s most frustrating on the road I have chosen? It’s the holes in my own boat that leave me on the island drinking from a common well. The trigger for some time now has been reading of Aghori lifestyle and philosophy, as well as others that are similar to them. While I am an atheist, that does not mean that the ‘spiritual’ side of their practice is without meaning, that it cannot be incorporated. It can, should and will be. There are times I am ashamed when considering my own limited view of the world, for allowing myself to even consider entertaining the thought of engaging in the seedy rituals acted out on the island playground. On the island, my voice is merely anothers broken record when personal introspection is only skin deep. If I can’t smash my own taboos, it would be arrogant to think that I smash those of others and be heard with a minimum of courtesy. It’s time to go sailing.

Taqiyah or Islamic Subterfuge

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The Stern Judges

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The fact you’re reading this update means an interest into Satanism, critical thinking and a support of various atheist ideas, after all, this is the official SotHG WordPress with the sect itself being an organization in support of these ideas. A variety of issues since its infancy have been discussed, are still being discussed and will probably be raised once again in the future. Issues ranging  from the question of stagnant satanism towards skepticism and the supernatural and onwards to various societal critics.

But how does this all add up? While many are being busy weeding through a variety of images, posting shit loads of pictures, reports, charities and trying to leave their mark by spreading various media articles through a variety of media devices linked to the great communicator (internet), a certain scrutiny has to be upheld. This is the point where the chaff is being separated from the wheat. While the intentions might be considered worthwhile or make up a part of the praxis, it severely lacks credibility by reason it isn’t put where it matters. I see many rejoice when the next blogs talks about “science updates”, stories of religious bullshitting being received with laughter and finger-pointed at while giving ourselves the reason of polishing the “superior then thou”-badge for not having fallen into it, or simply stories and blogs taking a hike and enforcing the idea of intellectual superiority by means of labeling religion as “poisonous”, “a rotting carcass”,…

While these are fun stories to read, it simply degenerates by the fact those are shared in a closed environment where the “anti-idea” is already celebrated. It misses the impact as they aren’t placed in places where they DO matter. With a stern face they can, at best, be labeled as amusing. Is it that surprising some will start taking a hike with it? Doesn’t satanism embrace the idea of progression through conflict? Your take is applauded, but at the very least know what your actions truly are. I’ve found myself repeating this sentence over and over again the last couple of weeks: “put it where it matters”. The stories and updates only “spread” the media, nowhere and not at any point is there an activism involved. I might as well click on the “like” button.

Updates about “injustice” and charities with an asking to sign the petition are akin to wallmart-greeter behavior and I fail to see any “satanic praxis” in that. Put it where it matters.


– Dimitri

Conditioning Techniques For Mind Control In The Right Hand Path

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movie theare

(An excellent read! ~MB)

By Christie Munsch

Before a discussion on any type of philosophy or doctrine, a basic knowledge of its definition or meaning should be stated. The Right Hand Path is of no exception. In eastern mysticism, any spiritual discipline embodying the principle of yang; characterized by conscious effort and striving to expand the practitioner’s potential. In such practices, enlightenment is reached by self-discipline and some forms of self-denial, such as fasting to reach altered states of mind. Also called Dakshinachara in the original Indian doctrines. While it is the opposite of the Left Hand Path, both paths require knowledge of one’s inner self. In modern western revisions, any spiritual discipline pursuing a state of being thought to be higher than the material world, such as the Christian concept of salvation. -Urban Dictionary, Online


The terms Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path refer to a division between two opposing philosophies found in the Western Esoteric Tradition. In some definitions, the Left Hand Path is equated with malicious Black Magic, and the Right Hand Path with kind and pure white magic. (Some occultists have criticized this certain definition, believing that the Left- Right division refers merely different kinds of workings, and does not necessarily  connote good or bad magical actions.)  -Wikipedia


It’s everywhere. It’s on your television commercials, your movie screen, the bus stop, the grocery store, and yes, even in some schools. You cannot escape it. You cannot run from it, and you sure as hell can’t reason with it. What I am talking about, is guilt. Guilt for not being what ‘they’ thought you were going to be in life; expectations from peers and parents, society and John Q Public in general. Maybe you like a type of music that is not accepted in your home growing up, so that music becomes exciting and taboo, all at the same time. For instance, you are a 16 year-old kid, and you sneak out to go see an Iron Maiden concert. Of all the emotions you will feel that night, guilt will be one of them. It may not be the most intense, but it will be there somewhere. Or you can be a young woman, knowing that your craving to be with other girls is not ‘just a fad’…..but how do you go about living one’s life happily if we cannot be who we truly are? Guilt, my friends. Guilt. It can trap us, eat us alive, and destroy us. Merriam_webster defines guilt as such: The fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime. Similar terms used in place of guilt, are fault – blame – sin – crime – guiltiness – culpability. The parent that works too much to provide, yet missing key moments in the child’s life. The military strategist that made the wrong critical  decision and caused the death of just even one innocent person. The fact that you are  healthy and alive, and your younger sibling died years ago from birth defects. You realize now what a marriage takes…..but it’s just too late……. It is easy to see how one can allow guilt to access their daily lives in such a manner that one may never recover from it’s unnecessary effects. Guilt can stem from many different things in one’s life. The disappointment of others, and it doesn’t matter who these ‘others’ are, just the fact that you know someone is disappointed in you, can cause guilt and sadness in ways that are unexplainable to a simple ‘fuck you’. The Right Hand Path follows a philosophy that adheres to there being one or many different entities that are ‘above you’, so to speak. Take for instance Christianity. Jesus and God are the all knowing, all fearing, and all healing. In Islam, all in life is done for Allah, and given praise to him throughout the day. In traditional Neopaganism, there is a God and/or Goddess that one calls upon for ceremonial needs. In Judiasm, unless one of us is Abraham, Moses or the Hebrew Prophets, chances are you are not going to see your God, either. These religions have an effect on their followers that is considered to be Right Hand Path. There is ‘something above’ them that can fix all, heal all, and end all. And to that way of life, comes the doctrines of these polytheistic (Neopagan) and monotheistic (Judiasm, Islam, Christianity) religions. In these cultures, nothing was above the God of choice. Nothing. For example, it was a move used to manipulate many into Christianity during the Crusades, as well as force those unwilling to convert. If one did not convert, death by any means appropriate was deemed necessary. Fear is another emotion that was used. Fear of death, extreme poverty or being cast out was always in the back of everyone’s heads. The rules of each doctrine and way of life were to be adhered to. No questions asked. The seeds of obedience and faith had already been planted. Over the years and centuries, it would grow and grow into a multi-million dollar business, have extremists that kill, spawn revolutions of movements………yet still have guilt and false pride as the mainstay to its core. Religions set limits. There are boundaries. In essence, morals. Morals that dictate who you are to be, what you are to do, and how you are to think. The definition of morals is as follows per Merriam-Webster: Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. Also, A lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience. Which is why guilt is so prevalent in our society today. Back in the middle ages and before the printing press, the passing of relevant and important information was mainly by either word of mouth or paper via courier. Needless to say, the word did not get around very quickly, nor quite the same story when told every time. Fast forward to 2013, and we are in a plethora of communicable devices. Everything we want to delight our senses with is easily accessible with the touch of a button. Not only can we research what else we have been missing and in some cases, denied, but it can also be used to poison the minds of weak and easily influenced individuals with no direction of any sort. And with every good, there usually will follow a bad. With the now easily availability of information regarding Left Hand Path organizations, as well as simply bucking the system and finding answers for oneself, there really is no excuse for anyone to be ignorant to how the world tends to work. (Ignorant, no, lazy……that’s another essay.) With that being said, there are many organizations that cater to the ‘Give-it-to-something-else-so-I-don’t-have-to-take-responsibility-for-it’ society. Every organized polytheistic, monotheistic and Right Hand Path oriented religion or way of life, requires you to relinquish your own power over yourself, you own free will, and hand it over to that imaginary deity…..somewhere…..out there……watching over you, and millions of others, waiting to answer your prayers and wishes. And the televangelist….to falsely and purposefully con others out of their money, is not just illegal (and immoral to them), but a work of art that apparently millions are able to be duped for. It is frowned upon if one does not tithe (give X amount of monthly income to the church). And ah! There lies more guilt for our average human being, just making it in this world. Adding to the offering plate when you cannot feed your family, leaving it in God’s hands, does not sound like a way of life that most of us would like to lead. But yet…a lot of us do. It is less traumatic to take responsibility, and much easier to lay blame on God, Jesus, Allah, any God or Goddess for rotten crops, a failed marriage, a failing grade, and/or simply just not being where you think you should be in life. Forget the fact that you went to parties in college and bombed critical exams, it doesn’t matter. Jesus will provide, and has a plan for you. To live in that sort of ignorance and denial is mind numbing at best. You would be nothing but a puppet on a string, and the ringmaster of the circus that you are a mere spec of dust in, is fake and made up. When science can prove, without a doubt, the approximate age of the earth using scientific data from tests on the earth’s crust and make up, the argument for creationism becomes invalid. Yet it lives on. How is this possible? Mass media, television, radio, books, magazines, internet, phones. There is no shortage of info on pretty much anything. And all it takes is a simple person, to make a simple decision, and live a simple life, that can cause horrid stagnation of the forward movement of humankind.



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By Mistress-Babylon Consort

However we want to define our path (Satanism, LHP, etc) have you ever been introduced to a ‘new’ LHP concept which punches you in the brain so hard that it made you rethink/reconstruct it, as you understand it?  I most certainly did upon the introduction to the Aghori. Not that I will ever eat bung burgers over a funeral pyre, but it made me realize that most of us practice ‘safe Satanism’ within the parameters of the culture we live in. It’s easy to be adversarial when personal choice and voice is legal. Big deal. What I’m more interested in is how do we challenge ourselves and where does real personal change come from?