By Mistress-Babylon Consort

However we want to define our path (Satanism, LHP, etc) have you ever been introduced to a ‘new’ LHP concept which punches you in the brain so hard that it made you rethink/reconstruct it, as you understand it?  I most certainly did upon the introduction to the Aghori. Not that I will ever eat bung burgers over a funeral pyre, but it made me realize that most of us practice ‘safe Satanism’ within the parameters of the culture we live in. It’s easy to be adversarial when personal choice and voice is legal. Big deal. What I’m more interested in is how do we challenge ourselves and where does real personal change come from?



5 Responses to “Adversarial?”

  1. Big question, and one that is in my mind a lot lately.

  2. Here is an Excellent 6 part series on the Aghori faith in India i am sure you will enjoy.

  3. I think personal change comes from a feeling of importance and when the peak of tolerance is met.

    • Agreed Jared, though I also think that one thing ‘leading to another’ in terms of the peak of tolerance can most certainly be pushed beyond the perceivable limit…at least in tolerable increments. 🙂

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