Opposing Christian Values

An insightful, rational and heartfelt post….

Devil's Advocates

I totally oppose Christian values and would do so even if I was not a Satanist. I find Christian values hollow and hypocritical. Some of them I also find evil.

But what are the Christian values I oppose? The Ten Commandments? Well not quite  all of them… I think it is usually wrong to lie and murder. But even with those, in the real world there might be exceptions where it is not wrong.  As for the other ones;

“I am the LORD thy God  (No you are not, if you exist at all)
Thou shalt have no other gods (Well I do)
No graven images or likenesses (Again I do, and why not?)
Not take the LORD’s name in vain (Sorry, got me again!)
Remember the sabbath day (A rest day is important, but one day in 7 because that is how long it is supposed to have taken…

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