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We’ve Moved!

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Zach Black: Alive and Well

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Sect of the Horned God verses Haters

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Machine Gun Etiquette

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By Octavius

An open letter to the keyboard warriors of the LHP:

“Challenger” and “Adversary” does not mean “one-who-criticizes-everything-possible-in-hopes-of-drawing-affimation-or-accolades-from-other-on-line-Satanists.”  You’re boring.  You’re unappealing.  You’re uncouth.  Far be it from me to posit absolutes, but I will say that being adversarial or agnostic in your life does not require bitching about the perceived “satanic value” of various television programs, movies, books, or fellow internet denizens.  It does not require you to dissect every post or video on multiple LHP forums in an attempt to bolster your Satanic internet credibility.  Your opinion was likely not solicited, and your post only illustrates your need to socially display your pseudo-superior understanding of all things LHP in the most transparent and desperate way possible.  These cyber-Satanists will often retort with ham-fisted excuses, my favorite being, “Why did you post this if you didn’t want it challenged?”  What are you doing in your own life away from the computer screen to validate your assertions of superiority?  Have you nothing better to do than surf the internet looking for “fresh prey?”  Why is your Axis Mundi an unrelenting focus on  YouTube or forums?  What a sad existence.  I can make this accusation because, at one time, I was one of these idiots.

So many find it necessary to belligerently give their alternate opinion or perception of a given topic in an attempt to present themselves as credibly Satanic.  Varying degrees of hostility are not a benchmark of Satanism.  Rather, I suggest that it’s the ability to politely carry on a conversation or contribute to a healthy debate that garners respect, if respect from others is what’s needed or desired.  Belligerent criticism and posturing mean nothing.  In any discussion, one must first have an intelligent and informed platform in which to present the issue or topic.  Alas, these basic concepts of common courtesy are all too often assumed unnecessary within the cyber world of Satanism.

Then there are the schemers and trolls… Those who spend most of their free time with eyes glued to their computers and post vague ideas under the guise of philosophy.   They may also obfuscate overlong essays designed to repackage what has already been said by someone else in hopes of impressing the credulous or confusing the informed.  They wait for someone unfortunate person to reply, then proceed to elevate themselves above the questions posed by bullying or denigrating the questioner.  This is a common practice among many cyber-Satanists, some of whom are well known in many on-line communities.  They are tolerated for a time, then banned, and move on to another forum or Facebook group to start again.  These are parasites of the LHP, not Satanists.

My unsolicited advice to anyone still reading is simply this; honesty, courtesy and curiosity are still in style among those who know better.  Your attitude will always define your behavior.  Then again, this entire post is merely my opinion.  How you interpret it is up to you.  However, it’s my responsibility to present it with respect and candor, which I have genuinely tried to do here, and try to do with anything I do, say or write.  Thanks for reading.

Welcome to the new era

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(Modern) Satanism, as many of the readers should know started with Anton Szandor Lavey in 1966 . When time progressed CoS identified itself as a center for and to everyone interested in the philosophy. During it’s infant years (talking 1966-1975 before the parting of Michael Aquino) it managed to refine various of its points and publish important documents that have set the whole thing in motion. The CoS became a bastion of an anti-religious movement imbedded with a focus on carnal nature, responsibility stemming from the self (instead of externalization) and a good dose of satire in the form of rituals (like “La messe noire”) whom were nothing more then simple psychodrama.

Through different writings, articles and persons the whole thing began to evolve. What once started as a light-hearted rebellion with an important message, written on a raised middle-finger towards various social/religious fallacies and indoctrination, became a full blown a philosophy with thousands of people acknowledging, recognizing and living up to a fact that was known but suppressed. The church (of Satan) evolved towards a main central entity and organizational think tank to dot the i’s in an evolving society who hadn’t really come to terms with the message yet.

Years passed and the CoS only retained a position of informational center to the new generation of people who were introduced to the term. With the coming of the digital age, and death of the founder, it started to lose its once central position and became more of an organization of heritage in honor to Anton Laveys legacy. The conveyed message was, and has always been, memetic in nature. The church itself, already from its inception, was doomed to sink as it only floated on the nonacceptance of the memetic message by the greater part of society. Satanism, as it was originally intended, was (and is) secular and individual oriented. An institute like CoS was but the beginning and needed for the inception of the meme.

We are now 5 decades later, the trend has been set and the meme is ever growing. No longer is the CoS needed as an entity for provocative, controversial and intellectual debate. Satanism and its future is now in hands of those few voices who understood the meme and went the own way, as it was intended to be seeing it’s an individual philosophy with an easy understandable meme; that can be defined as “anarchistic”,”life-affirming”, “individual”, “counter cultural” and “inquiring”. The idea of the church of Satan becoming obsolete was made painfully obvious (to them) by an announcement from Boyd Rice (whom was favored by ASL to be his successor, but declined) in which he made this painful fact clear.

The new era indeed is here. I’m inclined to say this is the first era of Satanism. The memetic message is being spread through action and manifestation of the worldview that was incepted during that early period. The new generation is up to the individuals who manifest the spirit and spread the meme. The sect of the horned god is but a nexus where the like-minded can come together, embodies and manifests this spirit while providing fertile grounds for both the more experienced as the inexperienced to grow and progress, to embody the meme and a means towards self-gratification. The future generation and voices who shape and uphold the dark flame is what Satanism is all about.

To this I say:

Hail SIN
Hail 600
Hail the Sect
Hail thyself.