The Sect of the Horned God is an Atheistic organization that promotes the studies and advancement of science, philosophy, and mythology and encourages the dissemination of any faith based thought and it’s teachings through a rational process of evidence. We are looking for a few good heathens. Our goal is to awaken minds using reason, humor, wit, sarcasm and humilitation. We are not out to convert nor do we proselytize. But we do want those born to the Left Hand Path to realize who they are, and the “believers” to wake up and not ignore their doubts! We are destoryers of Faith!
If you think you’re up for it, then continue . . .

Completeing this questionnaire will help us to better understand you.
Be yourself and give us your best answers.

1) What do you believe?
A. In God.
B. In His Infernal Majesty Satan.
C. In Santa Claus.
D. In myself and my ability to reason.

2) Satan is…?
A. An aspect of the human condition.
B. One of the many manifestations of the Horned God.
C. A big red character from “South Park”.
D. All of the above.

3) Ritual is…?
A. A means to commune with the “Dark Lord”.
B. A carthatic activity.
C. A chance to play dress up.
D. A way to see naked chicks.

4) Magic is…?
A. Mental manipulation.
B. Supernatural powers.
C. Tricks.
D. A means to possibly induce nudity.

5) Skepticism is…?
A. Another word for cynicism.
B. Being closed minded.
C. The application of reason to any and all ideas and claims.
D. All of the above.

6) What do you think happens after you die?
A. Nothing, I’m dead.
B. Reincarnation.
C. I enter the gates of Hell.
D. I go to Heaven and be with naked chicks.

7) What sign of the Zodiac is the most narrow minded?
A. Astrology is nothing but superstition.
B. Libra.
C. Taurus.
D. Feces.

8) Faith is…?
A.The ability to ignore your doubts.
B. Believing in that which you know ain’t so.
C.The first name of a country singer.
D. All the above.

9) I want to join the Sect of the Horned God because…?
A. All the cool people are doing it.
B. I like to dress in creepy dark clothing.
C. I want to help stamp-out faith and open people’s minds.
D. I want to be with others who worship the Dark Lord.

Thank you for taking this little quiz. Email us your answers to or copy and paste them into our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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