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Defining the abyss

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As the adherent of the LHP starts to conceptualize and define the various archetypes whom are going to be adhered to and uphold as ideals, the individual will have to make the step from the dry theorized sins, statements, revisionism, rules of the earth and points towards reality, the outside world, where it will start to be questioned and shaken. The process of a projected and the theorized archetype(s) (through conversation or reading various blogs and books who enabled the well known ring of familiarity) towards the formation of a praxis*, i.e. the practicable application of these ideas in daily life, is what is commonly known as “delving into the abyss”.

It is easy to imagine the abyss as a virtual** plane exclusive to the sinister individual wherein intellectual debate and information sharing in order to attain new insights into a variety of matters are being held. While there is indeed a sharing of information, the place is not virtual nor exclusive to the sinister individual. The proverbial abyss is actually the whole of society. The demons habiting the place are none other then conflicting traits of the own character, people following the same path but following/paving/driving different or other roads (or are positioned differently) , people who walk an entire other path all together and the various characters and interrelationships in among it all.

When delving into the abyss it is meant there is a paving of the own way or the made choice to try an already established road. It means the application of thought being immolated by a throwing it into the abyssal fires and seeing its worth which is mostly by decrystallization of the ego, by the various demons whom are nothing more then those around you, and being reforged during the process.

Hence some clarity on its nature, its representation and its being.


[*It should be noted that a decent working praxis is one where the ego is being crystallized through the indulgence into the abyss itself, i.e., views, ideals and archetypes being rooted through live conversation and action in the abyss itself instead of mentally agreeing with various authors and slogans that have stricken the familiar chords]

[** Virtual as in “without physical form”]