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The Atheist Label

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All too often when discussing Satanism for a mixed audience , especially when it concerns the subject of the (symbolical) (ir)relevance of the (anthropomorphic) devil, and bringing up the all too known excuse of Satanists actually having an Atheistic outlook, many questions arise and even more so finger pointing to the seemingly contradictory statement. After all, how silly is it to wear the label of an atheist while your entire philosophy, and most of its key-symbols, are a direct reference to some mythological creature which is prevalent in Abrahamic religions? Not to say the empowerment of this symbol by a variety of rituals (alike the black mass) or recognition of so called “Satanic virtues”. These things, no matter how much they can be intellectually twisted and fitted into the “Atheist” label, will prevent from gaining any credibility. Even the most intelligent person, when it is being deconstructed, will state that weaving Satanism with the Atheist label is a mere joke.

And I will agree with said fictive  intelligent person. Satanism in and in itself is not atheistic. The individuals within may hold the position of being atheists but this in no way should be attached to the Satanist label. After all, I can’t hold a convincing face of putting “Atheist” as a religious orientation (as a non-believer) while in the meantime conducting “Satanic rituals” or empowering the symbol of the devil in whatever way possible.  A perhaps more fitting descriptor (note I refrain to use the word “label”) is that of “Free-thinker” as it denotes the freedom of mind and the possibility to make individual (philosophical) choices and practices which is celebrated and (should be) prevalent in many a serious/genuine adherent of the LHP or Satanism.


As a person I’m slowly turning away from the label of “Satanist” and begin favoring to label my praxis and philosophy as “Left Hand Path”. The reason thereof is me being pretty atheistic in nature and having never empowered, nor seen any reason to use, Satan or the devil as a viable allegory. The descriptor of “free-thinker” is one I already used since the beginning as it indicated the freedom of mind to progress and the involved (physical, intellectual and philosophical) choices as a means towards an end. While the descriptor hasn’t been mentioned until now (in any of my writings), it should become obvious by the underlying tone and position held.



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By Mistress-Babylon Consort

However we want to define our path (Satanism, LHP, etc) have you ever been introduced to a ‘new’ LHP concept which punches you in the brain so hard that it made you rethink/reconstruct it, as you understand it?  I most certainly did upon the introduction to the Aghori. Not that I will ever eat bung burgers over a funeral pyre, but it made me realize that most of us practice ‘safe Satanism’ within the parameters of the culture we live in. It’s easy to be adversarial when personal choice and voice is legal. Big deal. What I’m more interested in is how do we challenge ourselves and where does real personal change come from?


Faith is Not Knowledge

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COMIC son of satan 1

By Joshua S. Poulin, Sect of the Horned God

(This particular post written by Joshua is in response to being added (un-requested) to a Facebook group of satanic theists.~ Mistress-Babylon Consort)

‘My guess, as I don’t believe in ANY “supernatural entities”, is that I truly may not belong in here. I am an instinctual atheist/scientific agnostic. I have never once had any quantification of something worthy of my praise, worship, acknowledgement, or even attention, that is “beyond”. I agree with Mr Richard Dawkins when he said that “human beings have an amazing affinity for hallucinations”. That being said, as scientifically I cannot disprove the existence of any of these “beings”, I cannot entirely rule out the possibility that they may exist, in some form or another. I believe it to be a fallacy to believe that something is ABSOLUTELY not there, if one has no method of disproving it…… however, my mind does not allow for “faith” in things without quantification, without evidence. Who knows? Perhaps, one day, we will have instrumentation that can read such things. Some claim that we do now, but my research into “faith-based” claims has shown more scam-artistry than science. As I said, perhaps one day, but not today.

I am “faithless”, but I am open to the possibility that, with my limited intellect, I could be wrong. I need proof, and in my studies of spirituality, philosophy, and religions, I have seen absolutely NONE. So, Murduk, The Dark Lord, or whatever you want to call “it”, has NO POWER, if it’s power is never expected to be proven, never mind the fact that I question it’s very existence….. and I say that to any “deity” or “entity” or “god” or “demon”. How fascinating it is to me, that so many claim their “god(s)” to be powerful, and yet said “beings” are never expected to prove it. Convenient, then, that many state “my benefit comes from the wisdom they impart to me”.

I was once a “LaVeyan Satanist”, and was a member of the CoS from ’93 to ’98, shortly after Anton died. He was most certainly an atheist, who used the archetype that was most comfortable to him for his work. I have transcended such “needs”, and, in fact, welcome discomfort. For the record, no worries if I get a bit of a backlash for this opinion. I am used to being told “how sad it is that I don’t have the ‘joys of faith'”….. I have dealt with believers my whole life, and NONE have ever convinced me of their beliefs. My mind is open, but my gullibility is none-existent. So, if this is a group for “believers only”, then please, remove me from it. If not, then I stay to hear opinions of others, as I have found that a broad spectrum of perspectives is more likely to hold “truth” than a narrowly focused one. This is not an attack on anyone, in particular, but rather, what is in my opinion, a much needed counter-balance in this chat room. Faith is NOT knowledge, by the very definitions of the words.’


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By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God

Question A: Are Modern Satanists just atheistic posers who like creepy shit?
Answer A: No.
Question B: Are Satan Theists nothing more than the black sheep of the right-hand path?
Answer A: Yes.
The Modern Satanist is an individual that understands that ritual and spell-casting are cathartic activities, and all mythological personnages are metaphorical. What these beings symbolize speaks to the subconscience, which is a larger part of the mind than the conscience. On the other hand the theist, be it Christian or Satanic, accepts the literal existence of their gods. They “believe” that these entities reside in some supernatural realm and that their personal deities are their masters. Here is one of the major problems with the Satan theist. A true person on the left-hand path bows down to no one. He is antinomian, an iconoclast and the supreme indidvidualist. By willingly calling anyone, be it real or imagined, “Master” makes one part of the flock. A sheep. Like the Christian, the Satan theist joyfully follows the “clank” of the bellwether’s bell, hopefully to salvation, but more often than not to the slaughter (metaphorically speaking. . . most of the time).
But what I really wonder is how many of them, the faithful, actually believe in Satan? I think very few. Many have listened to too much Death/Black Metal and are now on a rebellious kick to spite their Christian parents. But the parents need not worry, because most will have their fat asses back in the pews, begging the “Good Lord” to forgive them for going astray. Yet, some of them really believe, and they share that same ability with their Christian kin that the Modern Satanists lacks: The ability to ignore their doubts! I have greater respect for the Christians, though. They have a 2,000 year old tradition and many of them have been indoctrinated into the faith from the time of birth. Most Satan theists, on the other hand, were not raised as such. To try to give their faith some legitimacy they claim it predates the Bible. But in reality they take bits of Summerian mythology and add in a whole lot of nonsense they make up, then call it truth! They believe their own bullshit!
Come now, you theists, you D&D geeks that can’t seem to get out of that fantasy realm. Don’t you hear that voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re being really fucking silly? Maybe in your mind that voice is nothing more than a gentle whisper, but in my head it would be a deep-voiced sonofabitch with a bullhorn!
But you may ask, “Why would an atheist call themself a Satanist? Why even bother with the label?” Because we love myth! We understand its meaning! And Satan best represents our inherent nature. Myth and mythological beings should be looked at as metaphorical guides leading one to spiritual wholeness, not as living entities! By seeing myth as history, and mythological beings as real, the meaning of these wonderous allegorical tales is lost. They become misconstrued in the psyche. The believer thinks he’s been touched by the deity, but in truth it’s just a misinterpretation of the language of myth.
I will conclude with the words of the late Joseph Campbell: “To take myth literally would be like going into a restaurant, seeing beef-steak on the menu and you begin to eat the menu.”

Own It

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By Mistress-Babylon Consort

The ‘joy’, and I use that word somewhat loosely, of being on Facebook is the numerous times that any one of us is added to a group, unasked. Not a big deal really, as some are very good, but it is usually a Satanic theist (Rebellious Christians) group that I suddenly find myself in. They are good for a giggle of course. Smoke and mirrors and a lot of mindless ‘Hail Satan’s at the drop of a hat. Threads usually go something like this:

High Priestess of the Thin Air Becky: Our Father, the Dark Infernal Lord spoke to me last night!
Brandy: HailZZZ 666!!!
Evilspawn: wuz up
Elvis: Hey
Evilspawn: HAILZ Elvis wuz up

(repeat ad-nauseum)

This same scenerio repeated itself the other evening when I was added to yet another one of these unintelligiable cesspools. Though there were several hundred members, it was not much different from the above ‘conversation and as the latest addition, my inclusion was just padding the numbers. The owner of the group informed me that although anybody can add a person, he was the one that had to approve the membership. When asked how I got into the group, he said had no control over that. Excuse me? But you had just…nevermind. It went downhill from there.

What was brought to mind later, though, was the idea of personal responsibility, or lack of it, in a far bigger picture. I personally like being in control of my decisions despite the fact that they may not have always been the best ones. I own it. What’s so hard about that? Of course I don’t feel angry, or hard done by when added to any of these groups. There are bigger things to worry about. Groups such as these, and the individuals in them are more of a side show curiosity, as the very things they seem to hate they become, while remaining the same with a twist on the familiar stagnation and dogma they are trying to run from. Faith.

Good thing I am my own god.